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Testing Tuesdays are back! Each Tuesday, we are offering our backflow testing services at a discounted rate. Have your backflow preventor tested and save big money.

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Simply schedule your backflow test for any Tuesday that works for your schedule, choose your appointment window, and check one more thing off your to-do list.

Backflow Testing Service

Our licensed testing professionals can have your device tested and documented within 30 minutes in most cases.

What's included

  • Testing Performed by a Licensed Plumber

  • Notification of Valve Status

  • Submission of Test to Local Village

  • Free Repair Estimate for Failed Devices

Backflow Testing Tuesdays


Deep Dive

What is a Backflow Device

Sprinkler System Water Flowers

A backflow preventer is a critical device in any plumbing system, helping protect potable water quality. Without it, a drop in pressure can result in the contaminated liquid flowing into your drinking supply - an unacceptable risk for anyone's health! Installing this product is crucial for keeping our hydration sources safe and clean.

The backflow preventer keeps water from reversing its trajectory and flowing in the wrong direction. A series of check valves and additional machinery work together to ensure that water only flows into your residence, never out of it. The device is typically stationed at the point where potable liquid enters a building or property. It allows for entry but opens again when forced to do so.

A backflow preventer contains check valves that only allow water to flow in one way, rendering the potable water supply safe. The built-in check valves will close automatically if the pressure within the system decreases, thwarting any risk of reversed flow.

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Backflow preventers may include other protective components like air gaps or differential pressure valves to keep contaminated or unsafe water from entering the public consumption supply. These vital mechanisms guarantee that the water will not flow back into the safe-to-drink system, even in extreme circumstances.

It is advisable to have your backflow preventer tested yearly. Components such as check valves can degrade over time, resulting in an ineffective device. With an annual backflow preventer examination, you can ensure it operates optimally and identify any underlying issues that need addressing.

During a backflow preventer examination, an experienced plumber utilizes special instruments to evaluate the pressure in the plumbing system and to assess the check valves and other machines in the backflow preventer. The plumber can make essential repairs or suggest replacing the unit if any difficulties are spotted.

In closing, backflow preventers are an indispensable piece of modern plumbing systems as they assist in averting contaminated water from going into usable sources. Regular testing of these devices is critical for verifying that they work suitability to protect public well-being and security.