Shower Drain and Floor Drain Cleaning

If you notice that your shower or floor drain isn’t draining normally, it may be time to have it cleaned. Over time drains start to accumulate stray hairs, dirt, and even small debris and can prevent the flow of water. This can lead to foul smells and water coming back up through the drain which is a significant health hazard. That means that its time for you to get your drain cleaned out.

Tub Drain Cleaning
How Does Drain Cleaning Work?

When you give Chicagoland Plumbing a call to clean your shower drain or your floor drain, we attack the problem head on. One of our licensed plumbers will access your drain and will often use an electric auger. When our plumber use the electric auger to clean you shower drain, they feed bendable metal rods through the machine. The auger then rotates these flexible rods in order to clear the obstructions. Our plumbers are also able to attach a variety of different heads to cut through very difficult obstructions.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Drain?

In all honesty, every obstruction is different. It really depends on a few different factors such as how far into the drain the obstruction is, what is obstructing the pipe, and how much room the plumber has to work. Because every obstruction is different, it is hard to give a clear estimate of how long it will take. We try to clear most obstruction within the first hour of work. If it takes longer than an hour, we bill every by the half hour so to save you money if we clear it sooner.

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