Noisy pipes are a common plumbing problem which often plague older home. The rattling of pipes can often be heard after turning on a sink or the start of a warm shower. They can be very loud and irritating to deal with and can lead to more severe problems if not fixed.

So What’s Causing My Noisy Pipes?

Shaky or noisy pipes are caused by something called water hammer. Water hammer occurs when there is a lack of air within the pipes of your plumbing system. When a valve is closed quickly, the pressure building up from water hitting the closed valve causes vibration within the pipes. Loose pipes can also contribute to the problem, causing pipes to vibrate against each other.

As time goes on, water hammer can get even worse. Pipes may start to vibrate more violently, causing problems within the plumbing system. Over time, water hammer can even cause permanent damage with valves within appliances. It is important to make sure that this problem is addressed so that it does not cause permanent damage to your home.

So How Can I Fix These Noisy Pipes Of Mine?

One way to remedy this problem is to reintroduce air into your plumbing system. This can be done by first shutting of your home’s main water supply. When this has been done, turn on all the faucets in your home. Allow all of the water to drain. This will usually take at least five minutes. By draining the rest of the reaming water from your plumbing system, it allows the needed amount of air to enter the pipes again when the water is turned back on. If you continue to have problems with rattling pipes, it is very important to schedule an appointment with a plumber.

If are experiencing problems with noisy pipes and you live in Bolingbrook, Oak Forest, Mokena, or any other suburb of Chicago, be sure to call Chicagoland Plumbing Services to set up an appointment. Our plumbers will make your noisy pipes a thing of the past.