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Since it’s Monday, and nobody like’s Mondays, we decided that instead of doing another blog post about plumbing tips, we would do something a little more fun. So today, we’re going to get creative. We’re going to get creative. And we’re going to have some fun! Here is our list of 10 Unique Uses For PVC.

PVC Shoe Rack

PVC Shoe RackSometimes the number of shoes in our homes can be overwhelming. Here’s the perfect solution! Buy a couple pieces of 6”-8” PVC and some PVC cement. Then, measure out the pipes into 12”-14” sections, and start cutting! Then, take your PVC cement, and start stacking your pipes together in whatever fashion you’d like. Let it sit for a few hours and then, viola! You’ve got yourself a new shoe!

Garden Tool Organizer

PVC shovel rack

Summer is just around the corner, so that means it’s almost time to plant the garden. For this next PVC project, all you need is some 2” or 3” PVC, some screws, and a 2”x4” piece of wood. Take your PVC and start by measuring a cut about 3” long. Cut this piece at a 45 degree angle on both sides. After you have all your pieces cut, screw them into your 2”x4”. And then there you go! Simple, right? Now you can hang this organize in your garage and keep your tools in order. Optional: Put a few bricks underneath this. Keep the ends of your tools in order by placing them in the holes of the bricks.

PVC Photo Vase

PVC Vase

If you’re looking for a nice homemade gift idea for Mother’s Day, this might by for you. David over at Mod Podge Rocks has put together a nice tutorial for creating a lovely flower vase. You can check out his tutorial for it here.

PVC Strawberry Planter

pvc strawberry planter

For this project, you will need: a piece of 4” PVC, a drill with a 1½” hole saw head, some potting soil, and some strawberry plants. Simply cut your PVC to your desired height. Then, drill the holes for your planter. Now, you can either put a 4” PVC cap at one end of the pipe to contain the dirt, or you can make a small hole in the ground and place the PVC in the ground as well. Then go ahead and fill it with your soil and strawberry plants!

Soccer Net

PVC Soccer Net

If you’ve got a little soccer star in your family, this next idea is perfect for you! Jenea from I Can Teach My Child put together this excellent tutorial for how to build your own soccer net using PVC Pipe! Go Check it out and see what your think.

PVC Playhouse

PVC Playhouse pvc playhouse

For this next idea, you may need to have some seweing skills. If you do, you’ll be able to make a fantastic little playhouse for the kids in your home! Indiri at the blog Turning Stones posted an excellent tutorial on how she created a PVC Playhouse four her three kids. And she was able to do it all for under $75!

Toddler’s Chair

PVC Chair

This last project will also require some sewing skills. With a few pieces of PVC and a sewing machine, you’ll be able to create a cute little chair for your toddler. Janny from Quelinda-Crafts put together a very creative tutorial on how to make these excellent toddler chairs. Go check out her tutorial, and look around at the other posts she got on there.


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